Port Matilda Emergency Medical Services is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization providing critical emergency care services to rural Central Pennsylvania. We currently operate two Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances for emergency calls and non-emergency litter transports. Additionally, we have a wheelchair-accessible van for non-emergency transport to various kinds of outpatient appointments. Port Matilda EMS is a member of the Centre Country Ambulance Association and is active in our community, providing special events standby support, clinics, and other community-focused events.

Our service area includes the rural communities of Port Matilda Borough; Halfmoon, Huston, Taylor, and Worth Townships; and parts of Ferguson and Warriors Mark Townships. 

We also provide medical assistance to surrounding areas as needed. Our primary coverage area includes approximately 6000 residents and we are the closest EMS unit to many of these communities which is critical when every second counts. Port Matilda EMS currently employs a full-time Captain and 15 part-time EMTs of varying skill levels. In the past several years many of our EMTs have pursued additional education by attending medical, nursing, paramedic, advanced EMT, and physician assistant schools. Over the years we have been witness to a diverse group of individuals who have begun their careers with Port Matilda EMS.

We have been providing services for over 70 years thanks to the generous contributions of our donors and countless hours given by the dedicated staff and volunteers who keep our service running. We care about our community, and we consider it a privilege to serve the residents and visitors of Port Matilda and the surrounding areas.